Why I Chose to Move Abroad – The Best Decision I Ever Made

“Wait, how did I get here?”

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The only thing I truly knew I wanted to do was TRAVEL. Naturally. Same as everyone right? 

All my life I had been told University was a must in order to be successful, but I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up, even after high school. I was also told that once I got started I would figure it out along the way. So, fast forward 5 years, add a degree, subtract my savings and I still had zero idea of what I wanted to do…


Most people I knew had either taken a gap year to backpack, or had been on overseas trips to amazing places. I longed for these experiences. But there I was, 5 years post high school, and had done little to no travelling. I hated this. I felt unaccomplished and lost as to what was next, especially with little money left after acquiring a very expensive piece of paper from my University. 

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I did some research, I spoke to some friends and I finally made a decision. I would work my butt off this summer to replenish some funds and then move to my dream city – Paris. I spoke to numerous French families and found the perfect one to be their Au Pair aka nanny.   I took the leap and set a date! I’ll tell you more about the logistics of being an Au Pair another time though (visas, planning, family selection, etc.). 


I spent the summer working 3 jobs. Part time reception, full time reception and full time serving. Wow, I was exhausted by the end. BUT I did it! And now I was heading off on the most exciting (and terrifying) adventure yet!


This first adventure was 27 and a half hours I should add. I was heading to Europe a week earlier than my work contract started so that I could have a little vacation after my long and hard-worked summer. 1 difficult goodbye with my family, 10 hours of travel, and 3 large hockey bag size luggages I had arrived in Paris. I was only there to drop my bags and then carry on another 17 hours to get to Split in Croatia. Maybe a little adventurous (and poor planning) for my first trip hah! But, anyway that’s a story for another time!

Well I’ll make this first post short. It was really hard leaving my friends and family to go live in a stranger’s home in a strange country where I was on my own, 10 hours away from my support system. There were doubts and struggles, certainty and ease, high and lows and in the end I am so thankful I stuck with it, because look at me now! 

There you have it. I can confirm all the cliches and cheesy things people say about living abroad are true. How annoying, right?

Thank you for reading!


A serious thank you to my parents who without them, none of this would have been a reality. It took you a hot minute to get on board, letting your baby go to a different continent all alone (understandable I guess…), but you did! And now you have the best excuse to travel more! How many new countries is that now? 6? You’re welcome ; ) xoxo

My family visiting me in the UK

Sorry for the cheesiness I promise I’m done now! K BYE!

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  1. Darryl Reimer says

    I saw your name come up on FB, so I thought I’d see what one of my favourite coworkers has been up to. WOW, your Dad told me you moved to France to be a nanny a couple years ago and that’s the last I heard. Today I see you’ve wandered quite a bit. I have been blessed to have work with so many young people over the years, watching them grow into young adults. I’m always so proud of the ones that do life differently. The expensive piece of paper is not what defines us, it’s not what makes us a good human. Getting to know other cultures and their people teaches us to be more open and not so judgmental. I wish I would have traveled more when I was younger but I guess we all have our path. Your parents must be so proud of you.

    • Aiden says

      Hi Darryl! Wow, what a wonderful surprise to see your name on my screen! Such a blast from the past for me, and reminded me of really great times spent in the summer with the Cem Crew! Thank you for your kind words and support through my journeys. Please come and visit me down in New Zealand when the world will allow. It is never too late to travel 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by! Cheers!!

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