Sailing Croatia

Sunning, sailing and napping oh my!

First stop: Paris, France.
Ditch all my large bags with my new Au Pair family. Check!

Second stop: Zagreb, Croatia.
First realization: airports in some places close at night. If your next flight leaves early the next morning you cannot just sleep at your gate… Uh Oh.

Once a security guard got me to understand that I had to leave, a little bit of panic started to set in. Not to mention the exhaustion becoming a serious reality. So there I was in a foreign country at night, with no where to go until they opened again at 6am. Now what?
I discover a small cafe in the airport lobby and manage to communicate with the barista who tells me they are open all night. I’ll take it! I set up shop in the corner on a sofa, with one hand draped over my small luggage and my head resting on my backpack. I settle in for a light sleep in an open air 24 hour Croatian cafe. Not sketchy at all…

Jump forward a few hours and…

Croatian Airlines plane in Zagreb Croatia

Third stop: Split, Croatia.
Time to meet my yacht mates! I get changed into summer clothes and begin the trek to the boarding location.
Sweating like a donkey, pulling my suitcase through marinas, I can already feel the sunburn setting into my bare porcelain Canadian shoulders. Against all odds, I successfully make it from one end of the city to the next on foot with all my belongings!
All aboard! Four yachts with eight people on each. Just my luck, they thought I was a guy based on my name… Shocker. I have been assigned to an all boys yacht, so much for making some girlfriends. I’ve now found myself on a small boat with 5 Frenchmen who all came together, and an American guy who is currently a no show. Thankfully, this no show member arrives and an hour later we are already BFFs! Meet Scott!

My friend Scott I met on Sail Croatia yachts
We created a magical tradition of putting our feet in the water every sunset and having a heart to heart – Best part of each day

Setting Sail

Being the only girl on board actually ended up having its perks. I got a sleeping cabin all to myself and 6 personal bartenders! I also got to socialize with the other 3 boats at the day swim stops and when we were docked overnight. Win win!

Day 1: Split > Brac

The trip started with a straight sail to the Island of Brac, and en route we poured drinks while getting to know one another. Once we got there we anchored and dove in for our first Adriatic swim!

Day 2: Brac > Makarska

This day consisted of more sunbathing, cocktail sipping, and snack eating. Once we docked at Makarska, Scott and I went for a stroll in the city in search of a floatie! Along the way we enjoyed ice cream, archery, and a new selfie stick. This is also where I discovered I am terrible at bartering… Like so awful. It’s embarrassing. I don’t want to talk about it…

yacht sailing on the Mediterranean in Croatia

In the evening we also went to a Pirate Cave party on the beach for drinks and dancing.

Day 3: Makarska > Jelsa

This was probably my favorite spot of the whole trip. This little town was GORGEOUS.
First order of business: wine tasting!

After the vineyard we had the evening to walk around, have drinks at local bars and listen to live music on the pier. Bonus: dock showering facilities! Finally, a shower that I’m not standing in a closet sized bathroom right next to the toilet…

sailing to croatian islands like jelsa

Day 4: Jelsa > Hvar

En route to Hvar during our daily swim stop, our yacht hosted the traditional SailCroatia Rum party. This is also when we took full advantage of our new double floatie! I will never tire of swimming in these crystal blue waters…

hanging out on a yacht in the Medditeranean

Hvar is also the home of super yachts, big beach parties and DJ paradise. We enjoyed a delicious meal near the harbor, down a street in the Old Town, and later danced the night away on an exclusive Island club.

Day 5: Hvar > Vis

More swimming, more cocktails, more cruising. In the evening our skipper made us dinner, which is a custom on SailCroatia tours. We enjoyed a creamy seafood fettuccine (I of course picked out the prawns… yuck).

sitting on a yacht sailing around croatia

Day 6: Vis > Solta

This is our last overnight and we got to go into the Blue Caves, which are only accessible by boat. Blue turquoise waters are created by the refracted light in the caves. Absolutely stunning.

eating sandwiches while sailing croatia

Scott and I had our final sunset chat on a lovely little beach before being lulled to sleep by the soft waves one last time.

Day 7: Solta > Split

We’re back in Split for one last night on the boat with the evening to enjoy the city. Scott and I walk along the harbor in search of a water front restaurant for our final dinner together. We did exactly that. We had met for only a week, but it felt like we’d known each other for a lifetime. Thankful for this new friendship!

Day 8: Split

Come morning it is time to check out and say goodbye to everyone. We say our farewells (and some see you laters!), take a few last photos on the yacht and call it a wrap.

sailing mates on our yacht

On our own now and both with later flights, Scott and I find a lovely little brunch spot in the middle of the Old Town – which dates back to the Romans. After walking around all day (and climbing 1000+ year old Roman walls) we get on the airport shuttle bus and instantly fall asleep for pre-departure naps. A few tears later and a record long hug, Scott heads off for more European adventures and I board my Paris bound flight.

Ancient roman ruins in Split Croatia

That sums up my spectacular time in Croatia. With one taste of traveling in the Mediterranean, I knew it wouldn’t be long until I was back. But for now, time to explore France!

Au revoir Croatie, Bonjour Paris!

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  1. Louanne Hart says

    These pics and your descriptions make me feel I’m there. What a spectacular scene to stretch your wings and feel the freedom of youth …exploring …adventures to remain talking points for your whole life into your grand parenting years. I know what this feels like from my 1967 adventure in Australia alone …but never alone for long. People are so welcoming to single women. Stay true, stay smart, Aiden. You’re livin the dream . Fond regards. Louanne 💞

    • Aiden says

      I would love to hear more about your travels! Australia is on my list, and a short flight from Auckland!
      Thank you for always supporting me, I am so lucky to have you in my life.
      Looking forward to the next time I get to squeeze you!

      Sending lots of love from down in New Zealand!

      Aiden xx

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